Selected Publications


A highly robust and optimized sequence-based approach for genetic polymorphism discovery and genotyping in large plant populations Jiang N, Zhang F, Wu J, Chen Y, Hu X, Fang O, Leach L, Wang D, Luo Z Theoretical and Applied Genetics doi: 10.1007/s00122-016-2736-9 [pubmed].

MicroRNA-708-5p acts as a therapeutic agent against metastatic lung cancer Wu X, Liu T, Fang O, Dong W, Leach L, Hu X, Luo Z Oncotarget doi: 10.18632/oncotarget.6594 [pubmed].


contamDE: differential expression analysis of RNA-seq data for contaminated tumor samples. Q Shen, J Hu, N Jiang, XH Hu, ZW Luo Bioinformatics doi: 10.1093/bioinf/tbv657 [pubmed].


Conserved and divergent patterns of DNA methylation in higher vertebrates. Jiang N, Wang L, Chen J, Wang L, Leach L and Luo Z. GBE 6(11): 2998-3014 [pubmed].

Patterns of Homoeologous Gene Expression Revealed by RNA Sequencing in Hexaploid Bread Wheat. LJ Leach, EJ Belfield, C Jiang, C Brown, A Mithani, NP Harberd. BMC Genomics 15: 276 [pubmed].

3 Untranslated Regions Mediate Transcriptional Interference between Convergent Genes Both Locally and Ectopically in Saccharomyces cerevisiae. L Wang, N Jiang, L Wang, O Fang, LJ Leach, X Hu, Z Luo PLoS Genetics 10 (1), e1004021 [ pubmed].

The above paper was selected for a research highlight article by Nature Reviews Genetics.

Interference from near and far . [nature].

Genome-wide eQTLs and heritability for gene expression traits in unrelated individuals. S Yang, Y Liu, N Jiang, J Chen, L Leach, Z Luo, M Wang BMC Genomics 15 (1), 13. [pubmed ].


HANDS: a tool for genome-wide discovery of subgenome-specific base-identity in polyploids. A Mithani, EJ Belfield, C Brown, C Jiang, LJ Leach, NP Harberd BMC Genomics 14 (1), 653.


miR-194 suppresses metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer through regulating expression of BMP1 and p27kip1. X Wu, T Liu, O Fang, LJ Leach, X Hu, Z Luo Oncogene doi:10.1038/onc.2013.108 [pubmed].


Genome-wide association mapping of agronomic and morphologic traits in highly structured populations of barley cultivars. M Wang, N Jiang, T Jia, L Leach, J Cockram, R Waugh, L Ramsay, B Thomas, Z Luo Theoretical and Applied Genetics 124 (2), 233-246. [ pubmed].


A robust statistical method for association-based eQTL analysis. N Jiang, M Wang, T Jia, L Wang, L Leach, C Hackett, D Marshall, Z Luo PLoS ONE 6 (8), e23192. [ pubmed].


Multilocus tetrasomic linkage analysis using hidden Markov chain model. LJ Leach, L Wang, MJ Kearsey, Z Luo PNAS 107 (9), 4270-4274. [pubmed].

Inferring linkage disequilibrium from non-random samples. M Wang, T Jia, N Jiang, L Wang, X Hu, Z Luo BMC Genomics 11, 328-340. [pubmed].

Why do essential proteins tend to be clustered in the yeast interactome network?. C Lu, X Hu, G Wang, LJ Leach, S Yang, MJ Kearsey, ZW Luo Molecular BioSystems 6 (5), 871-877. [ pubmed].


Robust detection and genotyping of single feature polymorphisms from gene expression data. M Wang, X Hu, G Li, LJ Leach, E Potokina, A Druka, R Waugh, MJ Kearsey, Z Luo PLoS Computational Biology 5 (3), e1000317 [pubmed].


Methods for evaluating gene expression from Affymetrix microarray datasets.

N Jiang, LJ Leach, X Hu, E Potokina, T Jia, A Druka, R Waugh, MJ Kearsey, ZW Luo BMC Bioinformatics 9 (1), 284. [pubmed].


The role of cis-regulatory motifs and genetical control of expression in the divergence of yeast duplicate genes. LJ Leach, Z Zhang, C Lu, MJ Kearsey, Z Luo Molecular Biology and Evolution 24 (11), 2556-2565. [ pubmed].

Impacts of yeast metabolic network structure on enzyme evolution. C Lu, Z Zhang, L Leach, MJ Kearsey, ZW Luo Genome Biol 8 (8), 407. [pubmed].

Genetic dissection of ethanol tolerance in the budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae. XH Hu, MH Wang, T Tan, JR Li, H Yang, L Leach, RM Zhang, ZW Luo Genetics 175 (3), 1479-1487. [ pubmed].

SFP genotyping from Affymetrix arrays is robust but largely detects cis-acting expression regulators. ZW Luo, E Potokina, A Druka, R Waugh, MJ Kearsey Genetics 176, 789-900. [pubmed].

TGF-beta ligands, TGF-beta receptors, and lung cancer. GY Wang, XH Hu, RM Zhang, L Leach, ZW Luo

In: Cancer Drug Discovery and Development: Transforming Growth Factor-b in Cancer Therapy, Edited by SB Jakowlew. Humana Press, Totowa, NJ. [ book].


Constructing genetic linkage maps under a tetrasomic model. ZW Luo, ZE Zhang, L Leach, RM Zhang, JE Bradshaw, MJ Kearsey Genetics 172 (4), 2635-2645. [ pubmed].


Modeling linkage disequilibrium between a polymorphic marker locus and a locus affecting dichotomous disease traits in natural populations. ZW Luo and CI Wu. Genetics 158:1785-1800. [pubmed].


Inferring linkage disequilibrium between a polymorphic marker locus and a trait locus in natural populations. ZW Luo, SH Tao and ZB Zeng Genetics 156:457-467. [pubmed].


Estimating linkage disequilibrium between a polymorphic marker locus and a trait locus in natural populations. ZW Luo, S Suhai Genetics 151 (1): 359-371. [pubmed].


Detecting linkage disequilibrium between a polymorphic marker locus and a trait locus in natural populations.

ZW Luo Heredity 80: 198-208. [pubmed].